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There are at least 7 Function of Fetal Water for the Fetus

Amniotic fluid is a liquid that surrounds the baby in the womb during pregnancy. Some functions of amniotic water are protecting the fetus from injury, infection, while providing space for the fetus to grow and develop properly. Amniotic water begins to be produced after the amniotic sac is formed, which is about 12 days after fertilization. Amniotic fluid first consists of maternal body fluids. Then at about 20 weeks' gestation, amniotic fluid is dominated by urine released by the fetus. The amniotic water is clear yellowish and odorless. Its composition consists of hormones, nutrients, cells supporting the immune system, and fetal urine. With amniotic fluid the fetus learns to breathe, swallow, and move. Function of amniotic fluid for the fetus Here are some of the functions of amniotic fluid for babies in the womb: 1. Protect the fetus from impact The first function of amniotic fluid is to protect the fetus from impact and external pressure, for example when a pregnant
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These Facts About Laparatomi You Need to Know

Laparatomy or laparotomy is a surgical procedure by making an incision in the abdominal wall. Laparatomi is performed to diagnose and treat problems in the organs in the stomach, such as digestive problems and disorders of the liver, pancreas, spleen, and bile. Not only internal organs, Laparatomi or coeliotomy can also be done to examine blood vessels and tissue in the stomach. The size and location of the incision made depends on the disease suffered by the patient. This procedure generally requires general anesthesia (general anesthesia). The purpose of Laparotomy Laparotomy is generally recommended by doctors if physical examination and imaging tests (such as CT scans and X-rays) on the abdomen have not provided an accurate diagnosis or results. With the laparotomy procedure, the doctor will look at the condition of the inside of the stomach to find out what is the problem or cause of patient complaints. Direct handling will also be done if needed. This operation can be use

The Atkins Diet Is Useful But There Are Risks

Various types of diets with the promise of being able to lose weight fast, should not necessarily be followed. You are advised to first consider the possible benefits and risks, including the Atkins diet. The Atkins Diet was introduced by a cardiologist named Robert Atkins in 1972. This diet seeks to control carbohydrate intake, and to consume more protein and fat instead. It's just that the effectiveness of the Atkins diet to lose and maintain weight is still not supported by strong research results. Benefits of the Atkins Diet To get energy, the body burns fat and carbohydrates. The Atkins diet considers that reducing carbohydrates will make the fat burning process more effective. Because, the body will prioritize fat burning as a source of energy. This can encourage weight loss. As with weight loss efforts, the Atkins diet also has the opportunity to improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels. A study shows, the Atkins diet can improve triglyceride levels in the blood, al